January 16, 2015

I meet a guy
who taller and bigger than me, even though he just several months older than me
who wears a glimmer all the time
who picks up t-shirt and jeans as his outfit choice
who craves an outerwear, jacket is his favorite
who loves all the vintage things, like parka and boots
who believes that nothing can make him happy as scooter can be
who has magic hand to draw cute things that I ask
who always awake at night till early morning
who selfish, principles, and high prestige
who always takes me to the place that I want to visit
who pleasant to talk for
who pleasure to help me whenever I need
who won't easily agree with my opinions
who has many stories to be listened
who always enchant to argue with
who can controls my ego
who ignorant but quietly care
who has always believed as a good listener for all my secrets
who can makes me willing to giving in
who never runs out topics to talk to
who always be my favorite to spend the time with
who accidentally I missed day by day

I've loved a guy
who doesn't love me back

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